Dorian Chan


Reflectance Estimation From Mobile Phone Video
creating physically accurate textures with mobile phone video
worked with PhD candidate Rachel Albert and Professor James O'Brien
Vision Correcting Displays
use your phone without glasses
worked with Professor Brian Barsky - 2017-present
Brain-Computer Interface for Virtual Reality
use your VR with mental commands
worked with PhD candidate Reza Abbasi-Asl, Masters candidate Mohammad Keshavarzi - Fall 2017
Advanced Poisson Panoramas
generating seamless panoramas using distinct images
worked with Masters candidate Rishi Kapadia - Spring 2017


Lava Lamp Simulation
using smoothed-particle hydrodynamics to create a virtual lava lamp
C++, OpenCV - Summer 2017
Sphere Mesh Modeling
using spheres to simplify triangular meshes
worked with Hana Hyder - C++, OpenGL - Spring 2017
Ray Tracer
built a ray tracer from scratch with refraction
bounding volume hierarchy trees, and more - C++ - Fall 2016
Singer Finder
using machine learning and signal processing to identify singers
worked with Andrea Padron - Python, Numpy, Scipy - Spring 2017
connecting strangers across the world
Node.js, MongoDB - Fall 2016 - Present
a Bay Area fishing resource
Fall 2016 - Present