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-- Profile --
Code Names: antiamoeba, antiamoebic
Real Name: Dorian Chan
Status: Unknown - Possibly Looking For Job
Threat Level: Extremely High
Loyalty: University of California, Berkeley
Last Known Location: San Jose, CA
Last Known Contact Info: dorianchan8x8 -at- gmail
Insider Comments: Super cool
-- No Further Information Known --
-- Details --
Interests: Fishing, Tomato gardening, Survival
Known skills: Software Engineering, Web Development, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning
Abilities: Java, Python, Javascript(React, Node.js), C++, C#, SQL, MongoDB, PHP, HTML, CSS, Jenkins
Previous Associations: Naehas Software Intern (Java, SQL), W2BI Research Intern (Python, C#, Computer Vision, Jenkins)
Links: Github Resume
-- No Further Information Known --
Known Previous Activities Previous Sightings
Lava Lamp SPH Simulation: Lava lamp using physics simulation. Details here.
Poisson Panoramas: Using a poisson solver to generate extra smooth panoramas. Details here.
Sphere Mesh Modeling: Modeling 3d objects with spheres. Details here.
Prismize: A chat to unite the world. Go here.
Fishoak: A Bay Area fishing resource. Go here.
-- No Further Information Known --
-- No Further Information Known --
Self-Destructing in 3...