Dorian Chan


Approximate svBRDF Estimation From Mobile Phone Video
creating physically accurate textures with mobile phone video
worked with PhD candidate Rachel Albert and Professor James O'Brien - Submitted to SIGGRAPH 2018
Vision Correcting Displays
use your phone without glasses
worked with Professor Brian Barsky - 2017-present
Brain-Computer Interface for Virtual Reality
use your VR with mental commands
worked with PhD candidate Reza Abbasi-Asl, Masters candidate Mohammad Keshavarzi - Fall 2017
Advanced Poisson Panoramas
generating seamless panoramas using distinct images
worked with Masters candidate Rishi Kapadia - Spring 2017


Lava Lamp Simulation
using smoothed-particle hydrodynamics to create a virtual lava lamp
C++, OpenCV - Summer 2017
Sphere Mesh Modeling
using spheres to simplify triangular meshes
worked with Hana Hyder - C++, OpenGL - Spring 2017
Ray Tracer
built a ray tracer from scratch with refraction
bounding volume hierarchy trees, and more - C++ - Fall 2016
Singer Finder
using machine learning and signal processing to identify singers
worked with Andrea Padron - Python, Numpy, Scipy - Spring 2017
connecting strangers across the world
Node.js, MongoDB - Fall 2016 - Present
a Bay Area fishing resource
Fall 2016 - Present