Weekly Roundup - Random Thoughts

Weekly Roundup - Random Thoughts

12 Jan 2018

1) Why Cryptocurrency will Fail

Please keep in mind I'm no Bitcoin expert, so take my words with a grain of salt.

My problem with cryptocurrency, as it exists right now, is people. When I look around, the vast majority of people in cryptocurrency don't treat it like real money - instead, it's a stock, or a get-rich-quick scheme - something to invest in. And that's a fundamental problem: if nobody actually starts practically using these cryptocurrencies, everything is going to bust. You still can't go to your local grocery store and buy some cereal with your digital wallet, and until we stop comparing Bitcoin's value with the US dollar, cryptocurrency is going to stay a shiny novelty that your friendly neighborhood tech hipsters blabber on about.

2) The Appeal of Twitch

I've always been frankly, a bit baffled by Twitch. Why watch someone else play video games, when you could just play yourself?

I think a large part of it is just plain and simple, escape. A large part of Twitch is chat: the streamer interacts with the viewers by answering questions, forming almost a sort of community of watchers. Thus, in a sort of way, you can be part of something bigger than yourself. Thus, in this way, the video game is nothing other than a backdrop - a way to fill in time and something to "start the conversation".

I  believe this concept also applies to Reddit as well. Again, a huge portion is the sense of community - thus, the rise of subreddits, like The_Donald or Atheism. In all of these, there is always a sense of "us vs them".

Honestly, all of this kind of results from a major side effect of modern social media. People only post positive things on social media - like their new job, or new toy, etc. It's easier than ever to almost feel lonely online, when all you see is how well other people are doing. And that's where places like Reddit and Twitch come in - places where you can read stranger's stories and other people's conversations.

Please excuse me if some parts don't make a lot of sense - I just took a nap and I'm feeling pretty groggy, hopefully I'll fix the mistakes before anyone sees this.